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Configuration decision: examples. How to write an essay-writing

In all schools, in the context of the Russian language and literature programme, students are asked to write an essay-wrap-up. There are numerous examples of what this work involves. You can use an essay writing service. Well, it is necessary to consider this question and talk about how the principles are really worth following to write a good essay (essay).

The "composition" of a composition
So, every essay has a tripartite format. Everyone knows this from early childhood. Introduction, body, conclusion. In addition, each essay must have arguments, conclusions, and statements.

And the first thing to say is the introduction,which must begin with the composition conclusion. There are examples, there are many. First of all, it is worth giving a general description. The purpose of the introduction is to prepare the reader for understanding the text. The first thing is to note the importance of this topic and ask a few questions. It could look like this: 'Is the problem of fathers and children urgent? There is no doubt that you can answer in the affirmative. The question of the question of the father and child should be answered in the affirmative: "The time is passing, one generation is replacing another. And this is the whole point. After all, the problem of fathers and children is a conflict between generations. "' Basically, there is everything in this introduction - a question that sets the reader to pondering himself and searching for an answer, a named topic and even phrases resembling sentences. Otherwise, vivid expressions can be used at the beginning. This is called epigraphy. By having an appropriate quote on a topic at the beginning of the text, you can make the composition more interesting and original.

An essay concludes with how to write an example
Types of arguments
So above we showed you how to start an essay argument. Examples were also seen. And now - what types of reasoning are there. The first is the proof. The purpose of an essay written in this spirit is to show that the thesis is true. It is important to use introductory paragraphs (thus, therefore, etc.), conjunctions (if, so, so) and speech (for example, we can evaluate, suppose). The use of listed spaces makes it possible to follow an appropriate style.

Justification-explanation - here the task is to explain to the reader the gist and content of the text. There is no need to prove it. All that needs to be used in the writing process are word-arrangers and sentences summarizing the statement. "Therefore" "in this way", "it turns out", "this is the result of ..." - and in that spirit. Usually these words and phrases, which are usually used to form conclusions.

And finally, thinking. It is structured according to the following diagram: inexplicable. If you don't have enough time buy argumentative essay. It gives various examples, a cause and effect relationship is demonstrated. You can write both in the first person and in journalistic style - in person. First option: 'I think I believe, I think I believe ...'. etc. Second: "It is possible to say with confidence, it is necessary to understand, it is probable ..." etc.

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